1. Ladders

Product design and product marketing for an innovative job board.

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Ladders is a career site for serious professionals, and flips the traditional model—candidates pay for access to a highly curated pool of higher–paying, senior level jobs. Keith art directed a series of marketing communications for both candidates and recruiters, and crafted new digital experiences for both groups of Ladders customers.

  1. Starting on the candidate side of the business, Keith worked with the chief creative officer and UX researchers to design a new user interface for job search results.

  2. After taking over ownership of the recruiter product, Keith implemented a new brand design across all pages and touchpoints. The recruiter team started by updating key pages that a recruiter uses on a daily basis, and then moved on to areas of secondary and tertiary importance.

  3. Keith collaborated with sales directors, marketing staff, and a copywriter to produce landing pages intended to generate qualified leads for the sales team.

  4. Keith initiated and led a redesign effort for the recruiter product, with the goal of establishing an emotional connection to recruiters via new copy and visual design.

  5. Working closely with his UX researcher, Keith redesigned the search results that a recruiter sees. Both moderated and unmoderated testing revealed a clear preference for a flexible, tabular format that has a rich level of information at–a–glance.

  6. Recruiter information was re–organized and consolidated into a more user–friendly interface, with formerly disparate functionality brought into the same experience.

  7. Keith worked with the marketing team to produce a series of large banners and tabletop displays, which highlight the different user personas of our candidates.

  8. Keith directed the design and copy for a series of new Referral Hiring emails, which are aimed at getting candidates to sign their companies up for the referral product.

  9. The challenge was to craft a message that breaks through the noise of a candidate's daily communication stream. Keith worked with the marketing team to develop and test a series of 5 different campaign concepts.

  1. Contributions

    • Copywriting
    • Print Design
    • Product Design
    • Branding
    • Strategy
    • Art Direction
    • Email Marketing
  2. Role

    Art Director
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