1. The Archaeology of West Point

Keith assisted Gabe Kean with the information design, layout, and production of this Burke Museum (University of Washington) website. Working under the art direction of Gabe, Keith assisted with design of both primary and secondary screens. Keith focused on the typographic and imagery details, while working with interactive elements to ensure smooth transitions between screens and map transitions. He also populated Flash libraries with assets and ensured good quality of digital files for handoff to the developer.

  1. Keith assisted Gabe with the development of wireframes, to define the user experience and ensure the client was on board with our proposed functionality.

  2. Viewers started by zooming into the West Point site, and from that point they could explore it via a timeline on the left side.

  3. By interacting with the cross-section of soil at top left, viewers could explore the West Point site at different times throughout its history. Artifacts, videos, and the history of each period are presented to the viewer.

  4. The database records would populate in an overlay above the right column.

  5. Viewers were able to access an immense amount of information about each object.

  6. Gabe and Keith defined a simple filtering system.

  7. Eventually this was flushed out further, with a much powerful filtering system that allowed viewers to comb through all of the artifacts uncovered at the West Point site.

  1. Contributions

    • UI Design
    • Production
  2. Role

  3. Company

    Gabe Kean Design
  4. Year

  1. Award

    2006 Communication Arts Interactive Annual