1. Vocabulary: Lists

Strategy, content creation, and product design for an online learning system.

My second major project as design director at Vocabulary.com was to transform our library of lists into a comprehensive set of works, build out a library of collections, and expand profiles to authors and publishers. I worked with a multi–disciplinary team of editors, engineering, and our customer success team on this project.

Every list represents a set of chapters from a book (for example: Chapters 1–4 from To Kill a Mockingbird). As teachers assign lists to their classes, students will complete activities such as quizzes and spelling bees. Typically the teacher will assign multiple lists, so students complete the entire book. One goal of this project was to merge all of these lists into a work, thereby reducing friction for both teachers and students.

Working closely with my team, I helped write and develop content ideas, and set the direction for all of the templates that our editors would use to build these pages out.

  1. Lists Homepage
    We created a flexible, modular system of templates, starting with a new Lists page. Top–level pages such as this have the ability to highlight publishers, special content, topical collections, and featured authors. We decided to keep the existing label for this page, both for SEO purposes and so as not to confuse our users.

  2. Subjects
    These pages have a clear hierarchy of featured content, collections, and works. Students and teachers alike can easily navigate between subjects, genres, and content available from their school district in the left sidebar. Hero sections (featured content at top of the page) can be customized with background colors by editors as desired.

  3. Collections
    Collections such as Science Fiction can be customized with images in the hero space. This allows editors to visually distinguish between sections, and injects some personality into each collection. Profiles from prominent authors can be sprinkled throughout these pages as well.

  4. Authors
    We created profiles for authors, allowing students and teachers to find works that previously weren’t connected. Collections featuring the author’s works can easily be added to the profile by editors.

  1. Contributions

    • Product Design
    • Strategy
    • Design Direction
    • Product Management
    • Content Development
    • Copywriting
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    Design Director
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