1. Helio

Keith worked on multiple Helio projects at ZAAZ, culminating in a large project to completely redesign their online experience. The site launch coincided with the launch of the Ocean 2 device, and the goal was to highlight the device’s features.

  1. Keith’s team experimented with multiple homepage heroes (combinations of different imagery and copy) to draw attention to the Ocean 2 device.

  2. Keith worked with copywriters and art directors to design these homepage heroes.

  3. The devices page utilized a carousel effect, bringing the selected device forward in z-space to create an interactive experience.

  4. Rendering of the final UI for the primary Ocean 2 page.

  5. Each feature was presented as it looks on the device, and Keith’s team used this opportunity to bring the device to life through motion and 3d video renders.

  6. When it came to device selection, the goal was to showcase the Ocean 2 while providing other options at lower price points.

  7. The business goal was to push the customer to the unlimited plan.

  1. Contributions

    • Copywriting
    • Web Design
    • Print Design
    • App Design
    • Info Architecture
  2. Role

    Senior Designer
  3. Company

  4. Year